Covid 19, the HIV fallacy and Fauci’s dishonourable past.

If you could go back and you look at the patent record of his  funded research, you realize he controls the pathogen, he then controls the means of detection, and the means of therapy, and then he controls the price that it’s going to get sold at, and he gets paid every step along the way.

David Martin on Anthony Fauci and the Covid 19 pandemic

Most people have an opinion on whether we are in fact, living under a Covid-19 pandemic.  Arguments about the veracity of PCR tests, actual death rate and effectiveness of lockdowns proliferate online. However what people may not recall is that before Covid-19, the likes of Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, resided over a major medical scandal perpetrated against the world’s most vulnerable people.  He was aided by the weight of media propaganda throughout the 1980s and 90s and the medical technocrats pushing the HIV AIDs myth in tandem with pharmaceutical companies hoping to reap billions of profits from a HIV vaccine.

HIV causes AIDs? Proven Theory or Hypotheses?

Nevertheless scientist of the most stellar accomplishments continue to argue against the hypotheses that HIV causes AIDS. Leading Virologist, Peter Duesberg, who expressed alarm at the way that scientific understanding of viruses was being manipulated at the cost of sound methodology, has argued  that HIV is  a harmless passenger virus that has lived in humans for centuries without causing disease, a position he has defended for over 30 years. The late Kary Mullis, who was awarded the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1993 for his PCR technology, echoed Duesberg’s claim.

Even Luc Montagnier , the first to identify HIV (along with Bob Gallo) had claimed that it could not be the cause of AIDs without significant co-factors, which would further confound the link.

The theory behind the fallacy is that a HIV infected person suffers a decline in T4 cells, which in turn leads to the complete immune collapse seen in AIDs sufferers. Till now, no studies exist that demonstrate HIV kills T4 cells. Even though T4 cell depletion was discovered in the peripheral blood of Gay men with AIDs, the same was also found in intravenous drug users and haemophiliacs. Moreover, there are also cases where people who have been identified as HIV positive are found to have high T4 cell counts.

Confounding the issue further, has been the identification and purification of the HIV virus. Even today debate rages as to whether HIV has ever been “isolated” in the accurate scientific sense of that term. Proteins in a sample can come from particles produced by stressed or dying cells. Such sequences may not come from infection by an exogenous virus at all. In addition to this is the use of Electron Micrographs to produce images of microorganisms. Although ostensibly EM uses purified samples of virus, all samples come from cell cultures, which use growth factors that invariably introduce contaminants. The presence of non-viral protein particles has complicated the accurate interpretation of the images that show up in EM. The experimental failures that underlie the “HIV causes AIDs” fallacy are too complex and too numerous to cover here. But a comprehensive critique is provided by Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, a medical Physicist and head of the AIDs “dissidents” known as the Perth Group.

Fauci and the drug dollars

The “HIV causes AIDs” fallacy survives not because of rigorous scientific proof, but because of the likes of Anthony Fauci, manipulating where research dollars are spent. According to David Martin, a keen examiner of Patent applications and creator of M.CAM, a company that collateralises intellectual property, Fauci’s  50 year seniority is not due to his academic achievements but rather his alliances to corrupt politicians and pharmaceutical interests. Fauci has been in receipt of an AIDs budget at 6 Billion a year, in addition to another 1.7 billion from the Defence department. He disburses funds to 1300 allied principle researchers who are at the forefront of labs  in prestige institutes at Harvard, Berkley,  MIT and the like,  to begin the development of profitable drugs and vaccines. When the experiments reach a stage where the drugs look commercially promising, Fauci then transfers the research to one of his allied pharmaceutical companies under an arrangement where the royalties are split. Research proposals aimed at elucidating the cause of disease are relatively unsupported.

And Fauci has rigged the system of scientific research funding in a single minded manner. According to Robert F. Kennedy jr, Fauci took over NIAID in 1984, at a time the organisation had no jurisdiction over AIDs. Because the outbreak of AIDs initially manifested amongst its victims as Karposi Sarcoma, the jurisdiction was given to the National Cancer institute. The NCI was also engaged at the time with the Welcome Company to develop a chemotherapy drug known as AZT. By contrast, the NIAID was engaged in pure research, to understand the causes of infectious disease instead of research into drug therapy.  Fauci’s agency therefore did not access lucrative government or pharmaceutical funds for drug development. That is until Fauci went into battle with the NCI to take control of the HIV research program by also perpetrating the myth that AIDs  was caused by a virus. He was further assisted by Robert Gallo who worked under him. Billions of dollars were now available from congress thanks to an effective campaign run by Gay activist groups, to develop treatments for HIV AIDS.

Thus Fauci also formed a relationship with Welcome to take over the drug development program and began focussing the funding on AZT to turn it from a chemotherapy drug and market it as a HIV drug. Under the status of “Investigational new drug” it took the government a mere 5 days to approve. Placebo control trials only ran for 6 months, during which phase 2 was interrupted when it was claimed fewer patients on AZT were dying and therefore the drug had to be made available to all.

This claim would prove false later when AZT was rolled out and prescribed as a prophylaxes to stave off infection for those asymptomatic or considered high risk. Although studies have found rates of low transmission amongst those taking the drug,  this is accompanied by significant side effects such as a decline in healthy immune cells which can eventually cause a collapse similar to AIDs. Unsurprisingly then,  a collaborative study in the early 2000s, involving 20,000 patients diagnosed with HIV across Europe found that , whilst virological response was positive, there was in fact an increase in AIDs deaths in the immediate period of the study.

In fact it was the extensive use of drugs both illicit and prescribed  that was the cause of immune collapse seen in AIDs sufferers. Many like Duesberg demonstrated that drug abuse amongst certain cohorts especially widespread use of Amyl nitrates (popularly known as poppers) amongst Gay men lead to carcinogenic outcomes. Duesberg reviewed studies published since 1909 on the link between drug use and AIDs like syndromes to again argue in 1998 that the link was substantial and historically proven, as drugs act as “DNA chain terminators and protease inhibitors” that target both virus and healthy cells equally. According to Duesberg , the same applies to AZT. Because the operating principle of cancer chemotherapy is to kill growing human cells by terminating cellular DNA synthesis at micromolar concentration, AZT was predictably pathogenic.

Resurrecting  a failed cancer vaccine for Covid

Just as scientists continue to argue over the nature of the HIV retrovirus, Covid-19 too is mired in controversy over its origins. There is ample evidence that it was developed under research programs funded by Fauci, in blatant disregard of a presidential moratorium under Obama. RFK jr. recalls that hundreds of scientists had raised the alarm over “Gain of Function” research, warning that Fauci’s funding would lead to future pandemics. Gain of Function studies take wild viruses and pass them through biological substrates drawn from different species, thus training them to jump between species via  increased transmissibility. Fauci began outsourcing the research to laboratories in China, before  resuming funding to US institutions for such studies in contravention of the moratorium.

However what is eerily reminiscent of the HIV causes AIDs fallacy today, is the role that Fauci plays in funding  dangerous vaccine regimes that would make him enormous profits. Take the Moderna RNA-vaccine, the premier vaccine amongst the line-up under Warp Speed. The vaccine injects messenger RNA to infiltrate cells and stimulate the production of antibodies to particular antigens. Bill Gates, the major funder of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), an organisation dedicated to the global distribution of vaccines, described the technology as a means of  genetically engineering human cells to become vaccine factories. Fauci has put in 2.4 billion dollars of tax payer money into the venture. According to Martin , the messenger RNA technology is eerily  reminiscent of AZT, in that it was designed as a cancer therapy which after many failed starts was repackaged as a coronavirus vaccine. What could not be sold as cancer therapy may now earn its manufacturers billions of dollars after being rolled out to fight a global common cold with over 99% survival rate according to CDC figures.

“Moderna’s technology was bad technology. That’s why in 10 years they didn’t produce a drug. It’s not because the technology was speculative. It was because the technology literally harmed the things that they put it in.”

RFK jr. concurs. Moderna’s RNA vaccine showed a high injury rate, with 21% of people requiring either medical intervention or hospitalization. However what is more shocking is that those in the  low dose group, who had 6% serious injury after the first does, once they got  the second shot, the injury rate grew  to 100% of the people. This means a vaccine will cause far more fatalities than any coronavirus. Nonetheless, the vaccine remains a lucrative enterprise because of the funding Fauci gets. According to RFK jr’s Instagram post, Fauci’s secret contract with the Pentagon will yield $9 billion for 500 million doses of vaccine. Whether it works or not is irrelevant because the money is his, once FDA approval is given.

“The whole thing is such a sick, demented, and crooked scheme. But I know his life. I see that this is what he’s been doing for 50 years at NIAID. He did the same thing with AZT. He did the same thing with Remdesivir. This is what he does.”