COVID spruikers taken to court for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

Governments have deliberately stoked the fear of mass deaths through a policy of propagandising the public, as revealed in the German “Panic Paper, leaked form the Department of the Interior, which targeted children to make them feel responsible for the “tortured deaths of their parents and Grand-parents”.

It reads eerily similar to the outline of the psychological operation authored by Glen Nowak in 2010, then Acting director of media relations for the CDC, on how to generate mass public hysteria to motivate people to get the flu vaccine.

The engineered global Covid panic however, is losing credibility as protests are ratcheting up world wide. German cities have seen rolling anti-lockdown protests this last weekend, as have cities in Greece,  Hungary, China and Australia to name a few.

On the heels of this upheaval are also lawsuits being bought against governments, bureaucrats and even individual scientists for their fraudulent claims of a pandemic.  Most notable of these are the cases being fought by Reiner Fuellmich, a renowned German- American trial lawyer that has prosecuted cases of fraud against global corporations such as Deustche Bank, VW and Cunard. He is also one of the 4 founding members of the German Corona Investigate Committee, coordinating legal actions against scientists, politicians, policy advisers and corporations for “Crimes Against Humanity”. Specifically the lockdown lawsuits hinge on the fraud contained within the PCR testing regime. 

Bad research based on Phantom Virus and Computer Modelling

Polymerase Chain Reaction technology involves subjecting an enzyme or  DNA polymerase to cycles of heating and cooling, which creates millions of copies of whatever DNA or RNA sequences exist in the initial sample. Invented by the 1993 Nobel Laureate the late Kary Mullis, it was never meant to diagnose the presence of a virus because it is so sensitive that it amplifies viral debris. Mullis has been the most vociferous opponent of using the PCR technique for detection of any virus. He had said that;

“(PCR)  doesn’t tell you that your sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you or anything like that”

Samples can also include sequences shared by a multitude of other viruses that a person has carried in the past and thus may not come from a fully intact and infectious exogenous virus at all. Enter Christian Drosten with a Covid PCR.

In January,  German researcher and Covid spruiker Drosten co-published a study with Victor Corman,  claiming to have developed the first PCR based Covid-19 detection test. The paper was published within a day of submission and therefore had not been peer reviewed. However Drosten had no viral sample from which to work. Strangely enough, this was done within the first few days that the virus was detected in Wuhan, and only 6 deaths had been reported globally. So Drosten had created the test based on mere computations.

Indeed there are many who continue to dispute the existence of any such novel virus. Christine Massey a former biostatistician from Canada and  her New Zealand Colleague Michael Speth have submitted 46  Freedom Of Information requests to political and scientific offices around the world asking for confirmation of isolation of the SARs CoV-2, the virus said to be responsible for Covid-19 pandemic, from diseased patients but all have failed to provide such evidence. Hans Tolzin, a German journalist has offered a 100,000 Euro prize for any published evidence showing a successful infection attempt using the virus, none has been forthcoming.

Even Drosten has been offered a 230,000 Euro prize by German entrepreneur  Samuel Eckert,   to produce any published scientific evidence that describes  complete isolation and purification of the virus. Drosten has not responded. This prize has now been opened to public who want to fund further contributions to the prize for any other scientist able to prove the existence of the novel virus.

By November 2020, 23 renowned virologists and microbiologists lead by Peter Borger, published an examination of Drosten’s work, the first peer review,  and concluded it was filled with bad methodology, inaccuracies and  frauds that could not support the use of PCR technology for identification of viral infection. They demanded a retraction.

Drosten’s failings included identifying several primer and probe sequences which are not exclusively characteristic of SARs CoV-2, exactly the same problem that has plagued previous attempts at using PCR as a diagnostic tool (HIV fallacy).  Borger’s team also criticised Drosten’s failure to specify the number of cycles used to amplify a sample  (as excessive cycles above 30 would invariably yield non-infectious viral particles and high false positives). Moreover, Drosten failed to declare a conflict of interest, due to his continued association with the PCR test manufacturer TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor, whom he had aided with the development and export of the Covid-19 test globally.

Drosten’s dire warnings unrealized for SARs 2003 and Swine Flu 2014

Drosten’s  panic mongering and false predictions of mass global deaths in the millions goes back to 2003, when  he co- discovered the first SARs virus. SARs deaths amounted to a 774 globally, but Drosten who had developed PCR technology for its detection back then, had consistently made dire predictions of unprecedented global deaths. In 2009 he also made frightful statements about the devastation that would come from Swine flu.

Drosten in Legal HOT WATER- Cease and desist papers served

Reiner Fuellmich blames the economic, social and mental health ills under lockdown on Drosten because of his unscientific and unproven claims of catastrophic outcomes from Covid-19. Last month Fuellmich served cease and desist papers on Drosten, using as evidence Borger’s peer review of the PCR technology. Other parties who have suffered from lockdown have been invited to join consequent legal actions and there are other firms in Germany and the US planning to mount similar actions against Drosten in other local courts.

Drosten’s prominence as a PCR advocate and Lockdown supporter has also cast a spotlight on his credentials. There are questions that have been raised  about his exact qualifications, which may have him fronting the courts to defend them.  Reports have emerged that Drosten, who was meant to have received his doctorate from Goethe University in 2003 had no readable thesis on file. By law, completed doctoral theses must be copied 3 times and all copies archived with the relevant authorities at the university library who verify the lodgement with signature, stamp, date and thesis title and author name. These are known a Revision Certificates. According to Markus Kuehbacher, an academic fraud investigator currently looking into the case of Drosten’s missing thesis, Goethe University may  have covered up the fact that the thesis copies were missing. To add to the controversy, Goethe University issued a statement claiming that Drosten had been entitled to use  his “Doctor  of Medicine” title since September 2003, however he was already mentioned in documents of the WHO as a doctor in April 2003.

People have immune systems- Dah!

Many, like Dr Claus Kohnlein have said we do not have a Covid-19 pandemic, rather what we have is a PCR testing pandemic. The author of “Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Invents Epidemics, Making Billions of Dollars at our Expense” has said the biggest trouble in medicine is over treatment. There exits a systemic problem where companies and academic researchers cannot make money unless they invent treatments.  All research funding, private sector projects and policy is driven towards providing new vaccines for conditions that are essentially self -limiting. Kohnlein has criticised those like Drosten who work on computers using PCR modelling, but have little clinical experience treating people. If Drosten did, perhaps he might realize that patients have an immune systems which fights and in the process grows strong against viruses. The PCR testing epidemic makes no reference to the actual patient and their active inherent immunity.

The Propaganda strategy revealed in the PANIC PAPER

After Drosten, Fuellmich has a line of Covid spruikers in his sight-line of fire, including  Tedros Adenhom, head of the World Health Organisation and Lothar Wieler, head of the German Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.