Diet induced nervous system dysfunction: What we can learn from Veganism and the tsunami of Snowflake Syndrome affecting millennials.

The Oprah interview of the not-so regal Harry and Meghan is still being analysed to bits by even the most serious of news outlets a week later. Even Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton had to put in their 2 cents (sense sic) worth. And although,  all the commentary so far has been concerned with who did what to whom and whether untruths are being told, something else dawned on me that made sense of the emotional exhibitionism; and that was the dangerous potential of veganism.

Easily offended and overly emotional- Snowflake Sydnrome (SS)

Meghan Markle’s performance in that interview, for many pundits exemplified the snowflake complex; a set of behaviours seen in many overly emotional, entitled and  easily offended millennials.There may be evidence that proves SS is a medical nervous condition induced by veganism.

Links between Veganism and nervous system dysfunction- Nora Gedgaudas

The notion that lack of meat consumption is tied to “snowflake” complex, suddenly came to me when I recalled hearing an interview on Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof podcast with Doctor Nora Gedgaudas. 

For the past 20 years Gedgaudas has worked on treating diet induced brain and nervous system dysfunction, in her clinic in the Portland area, also known as the 2nd  vegan “capital” of the US. She has observed that the most damaged brain-nervous systems are found amongst vegetarians and especially vegans. These patients display extreme nervous agitation.

Sympathetic over-arousalanother name for being triggered

This idea however that diet influences mental health is not so much of a revelation in the medical literature. For example, studies linking depression with vegetarianism have been published in peer reviewed journals for at least a decade now.

Some of us might joke that we would get depressed if we were deprived of eating meat too. 

But  to be serious,  Gedgaudas argues that there are nutrients in meat that the body needs and cannot be obtained in sufficient quantities on vegetarian and vegan diets, leading to long term health decline. For example, the body can store a maximum 5 years of B12 and once that is  depleted, neurological damage follows and a person passes the point where this becomes irreversible.

Vegan diets create a neuro-degenerative process according to Gedgaudas that manifests in patients as a state of   “sympathetic over arousal”.

A person with SOA experiences extreme anxiety,  nervous agitation and even high energy levels.  We are not saying the oft- vegan Meghan Markle suffers from SOA. But by way of example, her  notorious 5am calls to staff to get out of bed and get the ball rolling on her many  plans, may be a useful illustration of the symptoms. For SOA sufferers, this constant state of  “fight or flight“ is due to  high levels of circulating  stress hormones such as cortisol.

For those with SOA, the body, its organs and tissues, also becomes stressed. A high level of inflammation is evident, induced by over- consumption of plant irritants such as gluten and lectins.

Again Gedgaudas is very clear about the ancestral basis for these problems.

“None of us are really designed to handle high amounts of carbohydrates… We’re just not. There’s no scientifically established human dietary requirement for carbohydrate.”

Snowflakes TRIGGERED at Socialist Democrat convention

The same characteristics of  SOA  were on display at the not so forgettable  Socialist Democrats of America convention of 2019, an embarrassment of riches when it comes to identifying behaviours associated with the syndrome. The DSA is known for its support of policies such as the Green New Deal which will force a reduction of meat consumption onto the world.

At the DSA convention, things as inane as clapping were not permitted according to one of the organisers because it was “triggering”, a favourite word of those identified as the lefty loons. Triggering refers to a situation in which one is induced into a state of extreme emotional upset and even trauma. Snowflakes like to use the term to express what they see as legitimate and real assaults against their persons.

The convention MC asked members in the audience, when they came to the microphone, to not only state their name and city, but also the preferred pronoun they wished to be addressed with. When one of the delegates made the mistake of getting up to ask “guys” to keep the chatter to a minimum  because he was prone to sensory overload, making it very difficult for him to focus, he was immediately rebuked by the next delegate to speak, for using a gendered pronoun. His critic was given a silent ovation of sparkly star hands in the air by the audience, as delegates were banned from clapping.

One of the speakers also asked people to avoid hissing and waving banners which could also be triggering. For those even more overly sensitive to noise, they were offered quiet rooms, so people could go inside to watch a video of the convention which had no sound. But the speaker also warned people to avoid going inside these rooms if they had anything like an “aggressive scent” on, 

“because we don’t want to put people in  a stressful situation which they don’t consent to”.

Green New Deal means no meat for thee but more for me

This is the future without meat, it is bleak. It is snowflakism on an exponential rise.

Some may think this claim to be overly melodramatic- but consider the direction in which policy to force the reduction in consumption of red meat, is being driven. Examples include the “Green New Deal”, which although supported by groups such as the DSA, are being pushed from the periphery and into the mainstream. Championed by politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the GND envisions a change to farming practices that reduce green- house gas emissions, eventually to include reducing “farting cows”. 

By Lee Mette, DE

Already steps are being taken in that direction by New York City’s  mayor Bill de Blasio. Meat served in municipally run facilities will be reduced by 50%, under the justification of saving the climate. Such facilities include canteens in public schools and therefore usually service families from poorer socio-economic backgrounds.

Again in seems that the old adage “rules for thee but not for me” apply here, as the better off like AOC will be under no compulsion to reduce meat consumption. Even the allied animal rights group PETA have publicly challenged AOC, after she was pictured having a hamburger lunch with one of her aids, to  go vegan in keeping with the GND policy of reducing meat production and consumption.

The World Economic Forum, as part of the “You will own nothing and be happy” propaganda, hopes to usher in the not so Great Reset, which celebrates less meat consumption into the future.

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And Bill Gates, is buying up millions of tracts of farmland in the US, while he is advocating that Americans eat 100% synthetic beef. He is also a large investor in meat substitute companies that use  mashed up insects to make burger patties. However when asked, he is unashamedly candid that his preferred lunch meal is a cheeseburger and Macdonald’s is a particular favourite. The notion that someone like Gates can lecture the world about sustainable food production is bamboozling.

The Weston A Price foundation has done much to dispel the erroneous claims made about meat in regards to environmental sustainability and human health. There are natural large tracts of grassland throughout the world better suited to grazing animals than planting of crops which require large amounts of irrigation and deplete the soil of nutrients whilst also requiring huge amounts of fertiliser. The AOCs and Bill Gateses of the world also ignore the fact that people ancestrally have thrived on meat consumption, especially the consuming of fatty organ meats, which can never be replaced by mashed up bugs.

Gedgaudas concludes more eloquently…

“Our digestive system is far more similar to carnivores than it is herbivores… We don’t have a fermented base digestive system. Only 20% of our digestive system is devoted to fermentation. We have a hydrochloric acid-based digestive system. We are designed to derive nutrients from animals that have synthesized these nutrients for us. We don’t have any possible means of optimizing the extraction of nutrients from plants.”

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