How Trump’s disinfectant cured the Bionic Woman

In the minds of many, the athleticism and beauty of, Lindsay Wagner the original Bionic Woman, has endured over the decades. I watched both the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman as a child, and the productions left an indelible memory of both stars’ physical perfection.

THE BIONIC WOMAN | Lindsay Wagner stars as Jamie Sommers. | Shed On The  Moon | Flickr

Lindsay Wagner and that “drinking bleach” controversy

It came as a surprise to me to hear that Wagner had come to a point of frailty in her latter years as a result of a painful condition.  Wagner developed Urticaria, a disease that manifested as red welts all over her body. For several months she tried conventional medical treatments of steroids and anti-histamines to no avail. Finally a friend of hers told her about a disinfectant known as MMS.  Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)  was gaining traction around the internet amongst forums of people with serious illnesses seeking relief from disease where conventional medicine had failed. Within weeks of trying it, Wagner found her bumps start to fade until they disappeared altogether.

When activated, MMS  forms Chlorine Dioxide (CD), a disinfectant that breaks down into a concentrated form of oxygen in the body so that it oxidises away heavy metals, plastics, parasites and even dissolves blood clots.

Widely used throughout Europe to purify drinking water as an alternative to fluoridation, CD is also used  to prevent legionella in pipe systems  such as cooling towers  as well as Listeria and E.Coli biofilms that form on wet surfaces  and kills viruses, spores and fungi, especially in the fresh food supply chain. (

Chlorine Dioxide is in-fact the only known disinfectant to be effective against Anthrax and Ebola and has been used by the military to disinfect medical equipment. (!

ABC7 did a story of Wagner’s experience, 4 years later. When the reporter claimed MMS was just bleach that could be used for cleaning, Wagner laughed,
“So can Vodka” she said, recalling that she had once dropped a bottle of it on her grandmother’s brown vinyl floor, which turned the wet patch into a paler tan.

Perhaps unbeknownst to them, the story that ABC7 produced has now become a testimonial for the MMS cure, an addition to a growing collection of international testimonials now being featured on MMS websites in numerous languages, as at least anecdotal evidence of the almost cure-all power of the supplement.

“Trump was right!: Kalcker and Chlorine Dioxide proof 100% cure rate for Coronavirus

Andreas Kalcker C.D.S Lima PerĂş - Home | Facebook

Andreas Kalcker a Biophysicist and Chlorine Dioxide researcher and advocate, last year announced that Donald Trump was right. Intravenous use of an old fashioned disinfectant worked to fully cure 100 personnel in Ecuador of a particularly peculiar and pernicious form of coronavirus, not seen in severity anywhere else in the world. The trial using Chlorine Dioxide was carried out by the Associacion Ecuatoriana de Medicos Expertos en Medicina Integrativa, a group of integrative medicine practitioners.

Researchers: 100% Covid-19 Cure Rate Using Intravenous ...

Kalcker concluded that the likes of CNN and other main stream media sites are either lazy researchers or just too “stupid” to understand that Chlorine Dioxide has nothing to do with common household Clorox, and has been used in main stream medicine for several decades.

MMS discovered by Renaissance man Jim Humble

It’s use as a cure all was initially the “RE-discovery” of Jim Humble, something of a renaissance man with a most peculiar personal history.

Jim Humble MMS seminar in NZ - Natural Medicine

Humble started life as an aeronautical engineer. He worked on the A-Bomb tests, ballistic missiles and even on the lunar landing module. He was also a Scientologist for a time too (as were many clappy happy hippy types). When the Cold war came to an end and there was no longer the demand for his skill set, he turned his talents to gold prospecting. He authored several books on different techniques which he had pioneered for extracting gold without mercury. Including the following;

He could recover fine gold particles that were left behind using nothing but water and thus lessening impact on the environment

And it was on one of his expeditions through the jungles of South America that he discovered the power of Chlorine Dioxide, the essence of MMS when activated.

Begginings of MMS; the malaria ridden jungles of Guyana

During a gold prospecting expedition in 1996 in Guyana, several men in Humble’s team were struck down with malaria. Humble had no medication with him, believing that they were travelling through a malaria-free zone. Initially, he felt hopeless knowing he was stuck in the middle of nowhere without being able to access medical help any time soon enough to save the men. Humble however remembered he was carrying with him a water purification solution and it soon occurred to him that he might be able to use this as medication. The men who had fallen ill were bed ridden with high fever, shivering , nausea and pains in their joints.

He created a solution of water with a concentrated amount of the water purification drops. 4 hours later, the men had recovered from fever and had gotten out of bed and even began to laugh at the state they had been in earlier. The following day, a few other men also fell ill, and Humble repeated the treatment and again achieved the same success.

Humble soon realised that the solution he had been using was actually a similar supplement to Chlorine Dioxide. It was also similar to one that people could already buy in most health food stores, and had been touted as a health restorer for the past 75 years, only it was marketed as “stabilised oxygen”. Chlorine Dioxide is a form of stabilised oxygen because when it is consumed, it breaks down into 2 simple substances, one is concentrated oxygen and the other is table salt.

MMS RED CROSS trial in Uganda
Humble became so convinced of the efficacy of this simple solution for treating parasitic infections that he began a grassroots campaign of bringing the practice to poor local villages throughout South America and Africa.
Even the Red Cross chapter in Uganda was convinced to run a Malaria trial with MMS in 2012.
Local health authorities in concert with Klaas Proesmans, CEO of the Water Reference Center of the International Red Cross organised a pilot study involving 154 people with Malaria who were all cured after receiving MMS. The study was documented and filmed.

ClO2 tested as a medicine against malaria

Unfortunately all who were involved in the pilot study were denounced in the media as did the Red Cross itself who distanced itself from the local initiative. Headlines routinely pegged the practice as a scam being perpetrated against the poor and vulnerable.

If only the same scrutiny could be mustered in times when people are victimised by the vaccine testing regimes of big pharma. Even the UN was forced to admit for example, that Bill Gates’ Polio vaccine created an outbreak of Polio in the Sudan. Yet there is almost complete silence, from the same channels that have gone into fits of hysterics, at the mention of Chlorine Dioxide.

Andreas Kalcker: the science and the protocols

Humble’s early protocols were rudimentary, he admitted and needed refinement. Eventually he was much aided in his mission by Andreas Kalcker a PhD in Alternative Medicine and Natural Biophysics, an early adopter of MSM who helped grow awareness of the supplement due to his eloquent ability to explain the scientific basis of how it works.

Unfortunately Kalcker too, yet unsurprisingly, has been much maligned by the mainstream media and medical industries. This has culminated in his being investigated by Argentinian authorities for promoting Chlorine Dioxide, which has become something of a popular alternative medicine, even being consumed on live TV by Viviana Canosa, an Argentinian broadcast personality. Government health officials immediately embarked upon an advertising campaign to scold Canosa and warn people not to copy her. Canosa remained defiant on her twitter account. The authorities also began to allege that the Chlorine Dioxide was responsible for a number of deaths in Argentina, including a 5 year old boy. Kalcker describes the campaign against him as a witch-hunt citing the forensic examinations don’t support any such accusation, as they showed a deficiency of Chlorine in the blood. It was probably Canosa’s advocacy of the supplement that caused authorities to victimise Kalcker and then take legal action against him.

Kalcker is no flake, as Chlorine Dioxide has an established record already as a cure-all in published mainstream medical literature. A perusal of Google’s patent entries will also reveal that there are over 1300 patents, dating back to the 1930s on the use of Chlorine Dioxide for the treatment of many serious diseases. This includes patent US6086922 for using a chlorite matrix for treating HIV infections filed by Friedrich W. Kuhne in 1993; and US10105389B1 filed by Howard Alliger in 2017, for using chlorine dioxide in treating cancerous tumors; and US8029826B2 for treating macrophage-associated neurodegenerative disease such as Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease filed in 2006 by no less that the University of California!

In April 2020, results of a clinical trial sponsored by the Genesis Foundation (named after Humbles’ church group) were published on the NIH’s clinical trials website with the identifier NCT04343742. The study involved oral dosing of 20 patients between 2 clinics, who had been diagnosed as having Covid 19, to determine the effectiveness of the use of oral Chlorine Dioxide as a treatment. The result showed 100% efficacy. This was followed up by another trial in Ecuador during May where 100 people were cured with MMS within 4 days.

Kalcker himself has filed for a number of patents for using Chlorine Dioxide for the treatment of Coronavirus, and has co-authored papers that have shown success in treating Covid-19. However he does not intend to monopolise the treatment, but rather to keep it free for all to use

Ecuador: Coronavirus Ground Zero and the emergence of Chlorine Dioxide doctors of COMUSAV

The reason why Kalcker is being defamed now in the lame stream media is because of his efforts to garner renewed scientific efforts to lay down a more robust evidence base for the effectiveness of CD.
Although now based in Switzerland, Kalcker’s initial period of research was spent in various laboratories throughout South America. Successful small scale experiments with collaborators lending out their laboratories, led to a growing awareness amongst medical professionals for the potential of CD as low cost and very accessible medicine for countries with small health budgets.

Kalcker’s efforts in Latin America have coalesced into a number of other initiatives including the formation COMUSAV (World Health and Life Coalition) under the direction of La Paz Paediatrician, Dr Patricia Callisperis, with a membership of 3500 doctors from 23 countries using Chlorine Dioxide to treat Covid 19 patients, who have reported success rates of between 97 to 100% of cases.

Comusavmundial - NO FALTEN! Conferencia COMUSAV Mundial ...

President Trump drove the lame stream media to hysterics when at a press conference in April of 2020 he mentioned the possibility of using disinfectant to treat Covid-19 infections.

Mark Grenon and sons arrested after writing to President Trump and extradited by FDA for use of Chlorine Dioxide

Yet was it not this very same disinfectant that cured America’s very own Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner?

Presumably at some point in time, MMS came to the attention of Donald Trump, as media reports claimed he had been lobbied by a Mark Grenon to look at Chlorine Dioxide treatment. We cannot be certain that Grenon’s communications reached Trump.

Grenon, also something of a right-hand man to Humble, was a career pilot who had delivered medical and food aid to the various corners of the world and one day found himself infected with MRSA, an antibiotic resistant staph infection. Grenon had often helped medical teams that he delivered supplies to, operate in their field clinics when they were short staffed. The infection was probably the result of his efforts. He had also spread the infection to his sons, one of whom was told he might have to have a leg amputated due to incurable MRSA. No matter what anti-biotics Grenon and his son’s tried, nothing would cure the infection and out of desperation he went out looking for alternative solutions. He found Humble’s Chlorine Dioxide based supplement, MMS.

From that point Grenon was converted. Having spent decades of his life in poverty stricken communities struggling to access sufficient, effective and affordable healthcare, Grenon experienced an epiphany and from then on, made it his mission to eulogise the supplement. He has spent the past decade not only selling Chlorine Dioxide but also running courses to educate people on different ways to administer the medicine, which he refers to as “sacraments”. He is a member of the Genesis church and therefore advocates for the use of Chlorine Dioxide as a religious practice.

His success is what probably bought him to the attention of US authorities. Grenon was recently arrested with his three sons and all face charges for violating the US Food and Drug Administration’s act. Grenon’s advocacy was truly selfless and this is by no means to minimise his efforts. But there were many others who had attempted to communicate the potential for CD in treating coronavirus to president Trump.

President Trump’s revealing mentions and bravery

Even before Grenon had lobbied Trump, Alan Keyes, a former diplomat and adviser to Ronald Reagan who now runs his own conservative web based media channel had long advertised the virtues of MMS, consuming it himself and selling it through his own company. Keyes had access to many prominent Republicans in office whom he lobbied to look into MMS. His channel featured Andreas Kalcker a number of times.


Judy Mikovitz who has been prominently featured on conservative channels, including Keyes’, also became a public advocate for CD. A whistle-blower who was victimized and jailed for uncovering the fraudulent work done by the likes of Fauci and the CDC, Mikovitz has long campaigned to raise awareness that many modern day diseases were created as a result of vaccine development in laboratories that created interspecies viruses and contaminated the blood supply. She now rarely misses the opportunity to mention the miracles of CD in her many interviews.

No doubt such advocacy for Chlorine Dioxide from respectable numerous and accomplished people reached the ear of Trump during the pandemic.

Trump on China: Putting America First/Remarks Delivered by ...

Trump has in fact demonstrated a robust awareness of proven medical solutions for treating viruses like Covid-19.
His reference to the use of sunlight also testifies to his broad knowledge base. At the same press conference in which Trump made reference to disinfectant, he also wondered out loud as to the potential for the use of ultraviolet light for the disinfection of Covid-19. Again the suggestion was also based on scientific studies, outlined in a paper given by Bill Bryan, Head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Division. Bryan’s team successfully demonstrated that Covid-19 dies quickly under sunlight.

The BigTech media since then has attempted to scrub any reference to researchers and companies working on such solutions. For example, twitter suspended the account of AYTU biotech, a company creating Covid-10 treatments based on getting UV light into the lungs. Not only did Twitter suspend the account, but Youtube also deleted the company’s video explaining the potential treatment.

Trump obviously had updated knowledge of all the simple, low cost solutions and unlike UNPROVEN BigPharma vaccines, harmless therapies that could be used immediately to treat Covid-19 cases. He didn’t just invent them.
He showed a great deal of bravery in trying to put these solutions on the public record in the face of a bought and paid for pro-BigPharma lame-stream deceptive mainstream media, probably knowing the howls of disdain he would receive.