CORONVIRUS INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE UPDATE: Reiner Fuellmich collects testimony from Dr David E. Martin

  • Novel coronavirus is not novel
  • Spike Protein Vaccine was patented as far back as 2000 for animals
  • SARs was a deliberately lab engineered pathogen whose development was funded by Fauci
  • PCR detection test was also in existence and patented as far back as 2003
  • Delta variant is non-existent

ContraDolo has been following the work of attorney Reiner Fuellmich in bringing the Covid-19 scam into the courts and having the claims of the alleged conspirators tested.
As part of this, Feullmich has been collecting and broadcasting expert testimonies. ContraDolo will do the best to simply summarise the density of material coming through.
We start with the testimony of Dr David E. Martin (9/7/21), who debunks the myth of a novel coronavirus by drawing a genealogy of patent applications that demonstrate there was never any novel pathogen.
Founder of M-Cam and its CEO, a company which underwrites financing for intangible assets, including patent applications, federal grants and procurement records, Dr Martin is in a unique position to provide such evidence.
Dr Martin estimates that his company has undertaken reviews of over 4000 patents issued around the SARs virus as well as reviewing the financing pertaining to coronavirus research.

The Novel coronavirus is not novel having sequences which had been patented as far back as 1999
Dr. Martin took the gene sequences published by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) and reviewed them against the patent records leading up to the Spring of 2020. He found that the 120 patented sequences of coronavirus had been on record going back to 1999, suggesting that the identification of Covid 19 as a novel pathogen was a mere fallacy. Although countless modifications of the coronavirus sequences have been uploaded, there was no single identifiable coronavirus that was truly novel.

The first Spike Protein Vaccine was patented as far back as 2000 for the use in treating rabbit and canine colds
The mRNA vaccines to treat coronavirus have also long been in development too. The first such vaccine ever patented was sought by Pfizer, for the specifically spike protein and was filed January 2000, 21 years ago, so the idea that we stumbled on a vaccine based on spike protein is incredulous. US6372224 is the number for a spike protein vaccine for CANINE coronavirus. Ralph Baric was also using the same technology to develop vaccines for rabbits.

SARS is not a zoonotic variation of Coronavirus, but a deliberately lab engineered pathogen whose development was funded by Fauci
The SARs version of coronavirus was completely engineered and patented 73 times for commercial exploitation.
This all began when Fauci wanted to exploit the adaptability of coronavirus as a vector to distribute a HIV vaccine, so back in 1999. He funded research at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill for that purpose. By 2002 a patent was filed for an infectious replication defective coronavirus targeted at human lung epithelium. Patent US7279327 set out specific gene sequencing that make up the ACE2 receptor and the S1 spike protein. Thus elements of what would become known as Covid 19, were in existence 2 decades ago and were actually engineered in a laboratory setting using gene sequencing technologies and taking computer codes to manipulate them into a pathogen. Several months later, there was a SARs outbreak in Asia.

The CDC had lodged patent applications in 2003, 2005 and 2006 of coronavirus sequences that actually belong to SARs CoV2. The fact that the sequences were not novel is evidenced by the continued rejection of these applications by the patents office on the basis that the sequence was already in the public domain and thus known. Despite the initial rejection of the patent examiner and after paying appeal fines in 2006 and 2007, the CDC over-rode the decision and obtained the patents. They then paid additional fees to the patent office to keep the information private.

Although Fact- checkers have repeatedly stated that SARs-Cov- 2 is distinct from the CDC patents relating to coronaviruses; an examination of the gene sequence files lodged by the CDC in 2003, 2005 and 2006, reveal that 89 to 99% of the sequences are identifiably known.

In mid 2008, the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) expressed interest in the use of coronaviruses as potential biological weapons. This happened at the same time that countless other agencies followed suit filing for patent applications on the so-called novel aspects of coronavirus such as the spike protein, the ace2 receptor binding domain and the poly-basic cleavage site for SARS CoV-2. These so-called unique attributes of SARs CoV-2 were published in the singular and widely referenced paper in 2020, “A Novel Bat Coronavirus Closely Related to SARS-CoV-2 Contains Natural Insertions at the S1/S2 Cleavage Site of the Spike Protein”. Although this article has routinely been referred by researchers as peer reviewed evidence identifying the so-called novel coronavirus, these attributes have been the subject of patent applications going back to 2008.
According to Dr Martin, nothing of what is reported is novel because when one tracks the patent applications issued between 2008 and 2019, all 73 of them document those traits that are known prior to the emergence of SARs CoV-2, as they relate to the poly basic cleavage site based receptor binding domain and the spike protein. There was nothing clinically unique or novel about the pathogen causing Covid 19. SARs was completely engineered, patented 73 times for commercial exploitation and thus there was no natural outbreak as such. SARs is actually the same as SARs CoV2.

Not only did Covid-19 already exist as a known and patented sequence, but the PCR test for the detection of Coronavirus was also in existence and patented as far back as 2003
In addition to filing the entire gene sequence of what became known as SARs, the CDC obtained a series of derivative patents to include monopolising the means of detecting it using PCR.
Merely 3 days after the CDC filed the patent on SARS coronavirus in 2003, a patent on treatment and control of SARs coronavirus was filed.
For Dr David E. Martin, this begs the question of how is it possible that the cure for a disease could exist only 3 days after the virus was invented?

The Delta variant is non-existent
The Delta variant is a myth, there is no such thing.
The only reference that exists is a published computer simulation. If one looks at records of SARs CoV2 variations that are uploaded to the database of the Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data (GISAID), there is no ability to identify any altered gene sequence that would be expressed clinically as a variation. For Dr Martin, this has been the problem all along; there is no clinical evidence that a given altered gene sequence in reality translates into a set of clinical symptoms amongst a population that can be called the Delta variant. Even if one was to accept idiopathic pneumonias, there remains an absence of evidence establishing that these set of symptoms translate into a pathogen of SARs CoV2 distinct from previously published descriptions in the patent record on coronaviruses. Whether it be the Delta variant or a future proposed Omega strain, such propositions would amount to nothing more than a selection of part of a documented sequence within an already systematically disclosed sequence, to which clinically symptoms are attributed to. Thus strains are nothing more than where researchers position the stop and start of a frame to parce a sequence.